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This week at Bluebell Cottage Fudge & Nougat

This week at Bluebell Cottage Fudge & Nougat

Wet market days, new friends & autumn

Well it’s been quite a week at Bluebell Cottage. The weather has finally turned, and it impacted upon us in more than one way. The weekend market days were both badly affected. Saturday on the Rother street market in Stratford Upon Avon was a complete wipe-out. Sunday on Waterside started much the same, though we did manage to get out and greet some of our lovely regular customers with last week’s batch of fudge & nougat. We met some lovely new customers as well, including @denises_kitchen who was visiting the area & purchased some fudge from the stall. The rain subsided for long enough to just about make the trip worthwhile with the biggest irony being the sunshine that broke through the cloud at pack-up time. The change in weather and the atmosphere also has a bearing on the cooking of our fudge, so we are now fully into autumn mode with the slight changes that are needed. The summer seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye!

A wet day on the market


From the fudge kitchen to market days, on film!

If you’ve visited us recently you may have seen a cameraman filming us a little bit on the market. James from Bullinghamvisualmedia spent a few hours filming us both at the market and back at the Bluebell Cottage so we can share with you a taste of our week. The finished video looks absolutely fabulous and has been uploaded to Instagram & Facebook this week for you all to watch. We’re really pleased with the final result and have a lot of positive feedback from our followers regarding this.

The Bluebell Cottage Fudge & Nougat video


Christmas fudge ideas!

As it’s now autumn it’s time for us to start making plans about our Christmas fudge offering (yes, I said Christmas!) Sitting drinking a cup of tea whilst looking across the garden, Mike & I have discussed our plans and a special fudge is on the cards! I can’t say too much yet about it but needless to say it will be very Christmassy and very tasty. Plans are also afoot for some giftboxes which we both think will make lovely presents. Although the Stratford-Upon-Avon Christmas market may have been cancelled, we will still be attending market day weekends right up to Christmas and we will have all these lovely new products with us.

Christmas fudge ideas, coming soon


Cooking this week & a new fudge favourite!

In the copper pot this week cooking, have been batches of sea salt & caramel, clotted cream, vanilla and chocolate. It seems we are cooking these flavours every week now! I have to admit though that today I sneaked a piece of peanut butter fudge out of the kitchen and I can only say that it shot straight to the top of my favourites list. The stuff is literally amazing! If you like peanut butter you will love this. Highly recommended.

Cooking in the Bluebell Cottage kitchen this week


Salted caramel Blondies! Cooking with fudge!

Last but not least there are special thanks to Chantelle from @theglutenfreefridge who very kindly used some of our gluten free fudge to make homemade salted caramel blondies! These look absolutely amazing. The recipe can be found on theglutenfreefridge Instagram profile and I believe on their blog as well. I will be having a go at these myself in the next week or so and will post the results! If you’re an Instagram user, you should definitely check them out!

Salted caramel blondies by @glutenfreefridge


Have a lovely week and we’ll update again soon from the Bluebell Cottage fudge & nougat kitchen.

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